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Come launch, grow, and monetize your minimalist newsletter based on your passion, that works on your terms and schedule.

You will have access to courses and challenges to provide you with a clear direction forward, as well as support and help from the whole community (350+ members) including myself.

Not only that, but you will be able to collect rewards as you engage in the community at no extra cost to you!

Here are the different rewards you can get at each level:

Level 1 — Welcome
This is the level you start at when you join, and the only thing I have it set to unlock is a quick “welcome to the community style tour”.

Level 2 — Courses
Right away, as soon as you reach level 2 (which you can do within minutes), I unlock all the courses available to the community members.

Level 3 — Challenges
This is my favorite part of school, I can set up all my challenges as courses within Skool, and you can go through them at your pace and keep track.

Level 4 — Newsletter Review
The main goal of my community is to help members start, grow, and monetize their minimalist newsletter, and when you reach this level I’ll review your newsletter (landing page, confirmation page/email, thank you page, welcome email, newsletter issues) for free instead of paying $50.

Level 5 — Newsletter Ad
Typically I charge $65 for an ad in my daily newsletter to an audience of over 7000 people, but when you reach level 5 you get one for free.

Level 6 — Swag
Who doesn’t love some free swag? From clothing to electronics and everything in between, get some free Minimalist Hustler branded swag.

Level 7 — Consultation
I’ll offer a free 30-minute 1:1 video call side hustle consultation with me, which I normally charge $250 for.

Level 8 — Minimalist Hustler
Once you reach level 8, you’ve officially become a Minimalist Hustler, and if you want to know what that means, you’ll need to join and reach level 8!

Level 9 — WOW!
It may take a year (probably more) for you to reach this level, but I can guarantee that it what you will get will blow you away!

This is the complete package for starting to earn online without requiring any specialized skills or expensive tools.

You can choose how much time you want to invest and if you want this to be a side hustle to generate some extra money, or turn it into a full-fledged business that can be scaled to 6 figures and beyond!

Stop waiting on the sidelines, and start earning!

Here's what some of our members say.

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Minimalist Hustler Headquarters - Skool Community

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