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Want to earn a living online without needing a website, a brand, or even an audience?

How about a way to earn that you can scale as high as you want, and it can disconnect your income from your time?

Creating digital assets is a way to create passive income without investing a lot of money, and you don't need any special skills or tools to get started!

I’m not talking about Cryptocurrency or NFTs, the digital assets I’m talking about are easy to understand and create on your own, for free!

In this book, I will show you the exact methods I use to create these 7 different types of digital assets, and how I leverage different marketplaces to make passive income from each one.

  • Articles
  • Courses
  • eBooks
  • Graphics
  • Photos
  • Printables
  • Templates

The best part about these digital assets is that I can create ones that are directly related to my passions, from hockey to food and of course, side hustles!

And it can work for absolutely any passion, I guarantee it! If you can’t figure out how to monetize your passion with this eBook, you can email me directly and I will give you some examples.

The book is called Passion to Passive Profits


What will you learn from this eBook?

  • How to turn your passion(s) into 7 types of digital assets.
  • How to turn those digital assets into passive income streams.
  • How to work smarter, not harder when it comes to creating them.

How much time do you need to put in?

  • Have an hour a day to do it? Great!
  • Have three hours a day to do it? Awesome!
  • Have ten hours a day to do it? Incredible!

The reality is, the more time you put in, the more passive income you’ll create for yourself.

How much money will you make?

The more assets you make, the more money you will make.

The amount will depend on the quantity and quality of your assets and your listings on the various marketplaces.

Want to play around with some numbers and see the math?

Let’s assume it takes you an hour to make 1 digital asset (some can be more, some less) and each sale brings in $1 profit (again some can be more, some less), and you make on average only 1 sale per week per asset:

  • If you do 1 hour/day and stop after a year, you’ll have 365 assets which will give you $18,980 passive profits per year, forever!
  • If you do 3 hours/day and stop after a year, you’ll have 1095 assets which will give you $56,940 passive profits per year, forever!
  • If you do 10 hours/day and stop after a year, you’ll have 3650 assets which will give you $189,800 passive profits per year, forever!

And that’s from only 1 year of creating assets, what if you did it for 2, 5, or 10 years?


Free Bonuses

As a free bonus, you will also get the following items with your purchase!

  • Digital Assets Planner (Printable PDF)
  • Digital Assets Manager (Google Sheets)
  • Digital Assets Templates (Canva & PDF)
  • Become an Affiliate at 50% Commission
  • Free Updates for Life

I look forward to working with you and monetizing your passions.

I'm always just a DM or email away for any help or questions.

- Jamie a.k.a. Minimalist Hustler

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Turn your passion(s) into digital assets that will bring you passive income forever.

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Passion to Passive Profits eBook

39 ratings
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