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28 Day Twitter Growth Challenge

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28 Day Twitter Growth Challenge

Minimalist Hustler
20 ratings

Are you just getting started with Twitter?

Are you struggling to grow your Twitter account?

Are you looking for accountability and fresh ideas to grow?

If you answered YES to one or more of the above questions, THIS IS FOR YOU!

Courses & eBooks are great, but they are missing that "TAKE ACTION" quality that you will find in this 28-day challenge.

Each day, you will receive an email directly to your inbox with an actionable item for you to complete that day. You will learn new things in the process, but most importantly you will be TAKING ACTION and that right there will take your Twitter account to the next level.

I am the Minimalist Hustler. I'm all about simplicity!

The daily email won't be a 500-word essay to get lost in. It will be simple and clear so you know what to do, and how to do it.

What's included with your purchase?

🔲 28 Emails (1/Day) with "No-Fluff" Actionable Lessons.

🔲 Direct Access to my Feedback on your Account.

🔲 Bonus Email Follow Ups Beyond 28 Days.

🔲 A Daily Twitter Printable Checklist.

Stop staying stuck, start leveling up!

Hit the "I WANT THIS" button and let's get started!

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28+ Actionable Twitter Growth Lessons via Email


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